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Fats obtained from animals are called animal oils and fats obtained from plants are called vegetable oils. In this article, we will talk about animal oil, tallow. What is tallow, what are the benefits, what are the uses, we will talk about them. Lets start!

First of all, tail oil and tallow oil represent the same thing. The processed oil is called tallow. Butter is not considered as tallow oil. The tallow oil obtained from animals is classified as saturated fat in the animal oil category. Unsaturated fatty acids are less stable than saturated fatty acids. A simpler method of separation is saturated fats that are solid at room temperature. Most animal fats are in the saturated fat category, while most vegetable oils are in the unsaturated fat category.

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Are Animal Oils Harmful?

Animal oils have been shown as unhealthy for a long time and are said to be definitely not consumed. It has often been advocated to cause cardiovascular diseases. It is always suggested to consume vegetable oils instead of animal fats. This belief was destroyed as a result of years of research. Animal fats are not harmful to human health, but they have enormous benefits. Of course, portion control and frequency are important. So why are animal fats abused over the years?

With the inclusion of sugar in our food, the deterioration of human health has started. But sugar made every food it entered so beautiful that it was starting to grow especially the fast food industry. Business owners, who did not want to lose this, made an agreement with their beloved and trusted doctors and artists. Now overweight, diseases were caused by animal oils, not sugar. People believed this for so long that animal oils were constantly blamed despite being innocent. Scientists who have grown up due to the increase of people who continue to increase their illness even though they leave the oil and who add weight to their weight day by day, investigated this situation and revealed the truth. Oils were absolutely not harmful when performing portion control. It had to be consumed, but people completely removed animal oils from their lives. The real harm was sugar, and people had to know it. A lot of research has been done on this. The articles were written and presented to scientific conferences, and animal fats were considered healthy by the real world of science.

Where to Use Tallow?

We know that tallow is used especially in meat-based foods. Apart from our food, it has been used frequently in animal feeds. It has been observed that it is as healthy for animals as it is beneficial for us. Apart from food, animal feed sectors, it is also frequently used in soap and candle making. Soaps are very good for human skin and do not dry. It provides cleaning by moisturizing the skin. Makes candles and soaps stand firm.

Benefits of Tallow

  • It has been proven to be a type of food that improves the immune system and keeps the brain working healthy.
  • It was learned that it is not harmful to the lungs and heart, but rather healthy.
  • People whose skin was constantly damaged and dried were recommended to consume.
  • It has been proven to contain quite a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids in tallow. (Omega 3 prevents cancer to a large extent. It provides the growth of the baby in the womb and makes the mother healthy. It has a preventive effect against depression and anxiety. It is added to the nutrition of children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, so that various symptoms can be prevented. It is very useful for the nervous system. )
  • And most importantly, it was said that people who want to have a healthy body should maintain the “Fat, Carbohydrate and Protein” balance. It was understood that sugar should not be included in our 3 basic food sources. It was determined that sugar disrupts human health day by day.


We recommend that you contact the Kemsan for Tallow Production.

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