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In this article, we will talk about “Things to Consider When Choosing a Cold Storage”. If you want to choose among the brands you have, if you want to set up your own cold storage, you can pay attention to the features we will mention below. Lets start then!

1-Purpose of Usage

First of all, you need to pay attention to what purpose you will use the cold storage. You have to make a choice according to your purpose.

For example, you want to set up a pre-cooling chamber. The devices and insulation materials you choose for this are different. It will be enough for your room to be between 0-8 degrees for the pre-cooling room. You should choose the insulation materials you choose among these temperature values.

0-8 degrees temperature will be enough for the Cooling Room. You can use similar devices and insulation materials in your cooling rooms with your pre-cooling room.

For the Frozen Storage Room, you need a room between -18 and -24 degrees. For this reason, the cooling devices should be able to cool down to -24 degrees. Insulation materials should be thicker so that cold does not leak outside the room or your products do not deteriorate by getting hot inside.

For Shock Rooms, temperatures of -35 to -45 degrees are needed. The devices you will use should be able to cool down to -45 degrees. Your isolation must be very strong. It is a very low temperature of -45 degrees, isolation is very important.

2- Type of Product to Be Stored

One product must be stored in each room. If you store chicken products in a room, you should not store fish products in the same room. your room; You should distinguish such as meat products, chicken products, fish products, dairy products …

3- Packaging Type of The Product

You can store products such as cardboard boxes, crates, and stacks. In general, while fish products are stored in crates, the animal bodies to be used later are stored in a pile type.

4- Cold Storage Dimensions

You should pay attention to how much space you need. You should choose a room in the size of the area you need. Large areas for small quantities will cause excessive energy consumption. Reserving a small room for large quantities of products can degrade the quality of your products and cause customers looking for new rooms.

5- The Amount of Rooms in Storage

A single large room will hurt you in terms of energy. If you have only one room, you will have to make one type of storage. Small and small rooms increase your investment cost. You need to spend a lot on insulation and devices. For this reason, you should determine your needs well. You should decide the number and size of the rooms in the environment. You must invest in line with this decision. The right investment gives you huge profits. The most important point is the right investment, not the more investment.

6-Door Type

You should use different types of doors in different parts of your warehouse. It would not be the right choice to use the same type of door everywhere.


We recommend you to choose Kemsan for Cold Storages prepared in accordance with the rules explained above. You can reach us from our contact page.

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