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Meat Bone Meal

Kemsan Kemik Unu

Meat Bone Meal Factory

Meat meal is an animal feed produced by recycling animal by-products. These by-products are cooked and processed to prepare a nutritious and economical feed.

Bone meal is a mixture of ground slaughterhouse waste products. Spots such as skin and nails are not included. These waste by-products are generally obtained from beef, sheep and poultry. This mixture can be used in plants for organic fertilizer. In the livestock industry, it is used as a nutritional supplement for poultry.

When bone is added to cooked and processed meat flour, it becomes a product known as meat and bone meal. This is the perfect protein, calcium phosphorus, vitamin B-12 and many other minerals necessary for the health of an animal.

Animal Based Feeds

Meat Bone Meal are animal based feeds. It is obtained from the bones and tissues of mammals. Animal feed is also produced with products such as starch, corn, oil. This process is called Compound Feed.

Quality Nutrient Content

As it contains quality proteins, it can be easily used in the feeding of all kinds of poultry. It is rich in phosphorus and minerals as well as quality protein. It also contains lots of lysine, which allows growth, tissue repair and the production of antibodies, hormones and enzymes.


Meat bone meal is preferred for the feeding of poultry. Not suitable for feeding ruminant animals.

Both Environmentally and Economically

Recycling of animal tissues is very useful for protecting our environment. Since recycling is in question, it is also very economically viable. You also have the best quality feeds for poultry, the best prices!

Kemsan Meat and Bone Meal
Kemsan Meat Bone Meal

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