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Et Kemik Unu Fabrikası
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Kemsan Et Kombinası
+90 352 351 02 22 Pts - Cts 09.00 - 17.00 Karpuzatan Mevki No:20 Kayseri
+90 352 351 02 22 Pts - Cts 09.00 - 17.00 İncesu OSB 1. Cad.No 3 İncesu/Kayseri
+90 352 351 02 22 Pts - Cts 09.00 - 17.00 Ovakent Mah. Boğazlıyan/Yozgat
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Kemsan Slaughterhouse


Kemsan Slaughterhouse

Bovine and ovine animals are slaughtered in a hygienic environment in Kemsan Slaughter House. Slaughtering is carried out for use in meat and meat products according to Islamic methods.

Consists of Small Ruminants and Cattle

Generally, poultry is not included in slaughterhouses. Necessary procedures are carried out with bovine and ovine animals.

Halal Slaughter and Halal Production

In veterinary control, cuts are made according to Islamic methods. Halal slaughter and halal production are made in our facility.

Maintains Its Freshness

Products cut as a result of halal cutting are sent to our facilities for halal production. Produced products must be stored for a long time with health. As a result, products are sent to cold stores. Products frozen in shock rooms to the inner core are stored in cold air rooms. Thus, the products retain their freshness until the day they are consumed.

Kemsan Et Kombinası - Ovakent Yozgat
Kemsan Et Kombinası

Meat and Meat Products in Slaughterhouse

At Kemsan Slaughterhouse, necessary procedures are carried out with bovine and ovine animals. Periodically, there are a certain number of animals in Kemsan Slaughterhouse and these animals are grown and fed. Care is taken such as the baby’s breeding and feeding. When the time comes, the meat of the animal, which is included in the meat combination, is used up to the bones and products are produced. Meat is used in human nutrition until animal nutrition. With flour produced from bones, animal feed and fertilizer are produced for plants. Gelatin production is made. Their skins are used in the clothing industry. Thus, a continuous circulation is created.

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