Et Kemik Unu Fabrikası
Et Kemik Unu Fabrikası
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Kemsan Et Kombinası
+90 352 351 02 22 Pts - Cts 09.00 - 17.00 Karpuzatan Mevki No:20 Kayseri
+90 352 351 02 22 Pts - Cts 09.00 - 17.00 İncesu OSB 1. Cad.No 3 İncesu/Kayseri
+90 352 351 02 22 Pts - Cts 09.00 - 17.00 Ovakent Mah. Boğazlıyan/Yozgat
Sertifikalı Üretim
Kaliteli Ürünler
Helal Ürünler
Halal Products
Animal Feed Production Used for Nutrition of Poultry
Storage of Foods such as Meat, Chicken and Fish
Oils Produced for Use in Animal Feed & Soaps
Kemsan Slaughterhouse where Meat and Meat Products are Produced

Kemsan's Story

Kemsan; It is a group company that provides services in 4 different branches: Meat Bone Meal Factory, Cold Storage Rooms, Tallow Production Facility, Meat Integrated Facility.

Kemsan San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.;

  • It produces feed for poultry in the Meat Bone Meal Factory.
  • Cold Storage Rooms have shock and cold rooms for foods such as meat, chicken and fish.
  • It produces tallow in 2 different categories for soap and animal feeds at the Tallow Production Facility.
  • Slaughtering and classification of large and small cattle are made in Meat Integrated Facility

Our products are Halal Certified. Click for Quality Certificates We Have.

Fields of Activity


We produce meat bone meal in our Meat Bone Meal Factory in Karpuzatan Mevkii. The meat we produce is used as poultry feed raw material. We produce meat bone flour, which plays a major role in the nutrition of poultry, to the world’s fastest, high quality and reasonable prices. We launch bone meal with high protein.


With our Cold Storage Rooms located in İncesu Organized Industrial Zone, we serve the companies in the nearby region, especially in the Central Anatolia Region. We provide food storage, mostly meat, chicken and fish products. Because of our Shock Rooms in our warehouse, we ensure that the products brought from the outside to the inner core are stored and stored in this way.

Kemsan Don Yağı Üretim Tesisi

In our Tallow Production Facility located in İncesu Organized Industrial Zone, we produce tallow for 2 different categories. We produce our 1st variety for use in animal feeds. Thus, animal feeds become better quality. We produce our 2nd variety for use in soap making. We ensure the durable appearance of soaps.


We produce meat and meat products at Kemsan Slaughterhouse in Yozgat Boğazlıyan. As a result of the operations carried out in the Slaughterhouse, we categorize the products and send them to the required units and make productions. We store the products we produce in cold stores and offer them to our valued customers.

To Work With Kemsan

Kemsan operating in Kayseri, which is the industrialized city in Anatolia, with its integrated meat and meat products facilities. If you would like to work with us you may share your CV through our contact details. Do not forget to indicate which of our working areas you want.