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Cold Storage


Cold Storage Rooms

Cold storage rooms are often used to store animal foods. Because of the Storage that can go down to -21 degrees, animal foods such as meat, fish and chicken maintain their long-term freshness. Apart from animal foods, citrus fruits, bakery products, fruits and vegetables are also protected through cold stores.

As Kemsan, there are 10 cold storage depots and 2 shock rooms. You can choose our suitable cold storage depot according to the quantity of your products and you can shock your products that will be shocked in our shock rooms.

You can be shocked by freezing from the outermost point of your products to the innermost core and safely stored in our cold storage depots. They protect their freshness for a long time without any damage to your products. Thus, they will remain healthy for a long time and will be ready to be consumed with freshness.

Cold Storage Rooms at -21 Degrees

As Kemsan, we have 10 different cold storages at -21 degree temperature in İncesu Organized Industrial Zone. You can use your desired warehouse at any temperature according to the amount of goods you want to store.

Shock Rooms at -35 Degrees

We have 2 shock rooms in our facility that can drop to -35 degrees cold. It carries out the freezing process from the outermost region of the product to its innermost core.

Convenient Transportation Anywhere in Turkey

Soğuk Hava Depolarımız İç Anadolu’nun merkezinde bulunan Kayseri’dedir. Bu sayede Türkiye’nin çoğu yeri için ideal ulaşım uzaklığındadır. Hangi bölge olduğu fark etmeksizin rahatlıkla ulaşım sağlanır.

Clean Rooms and High Quality Devices

We used the highest quality cooling devices in both cold stores and shock rooms. We insulated the rooms with the highest quality materials. For this reason, we did not experience any deterioration in any product stored in warehouses. We prepared a sterile environment by cleaning our tanks in every filling and emptying situations.

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Kemsan Cold Storage Rooms at the Service of Central Anatolia!

Kemsan Cold Air Storages are operating in Kayseri for the people who needs them. People who are living in following cities; Ankara, Antalya, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa are our popular customer for cold air storage rental. Choose Kemsan to get the best quality service at the most affordable prices! You can contact us by clicking here.

Contact Us to Rent a Cold Air Storage

Please contact us to store your products in our warehouses equipped with the latest technology cooling system.
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